Barry Szamboti

Gus Szamboti



The Tradition Continues….

Barry Szamboti grew up in the modest home of his father, Gus Szamboti, who was one of the greatest cue makers to ever live!  As a teenager, Barry assisted his father in the shop cutting wood and gluing veneers.  As the years passed and his backorders increased, Gus taught Barry all the various steps in making a custom cue.  It wasn’t until his untimely death did Barry decide to focus all his time and energy on developing his skills at the trade to ultimately make cues of such craftsmanship that would have made his father proud!

Barry’s initial work included his initials to appropriately differentiate his work from his father’s but his work today is of such superior quality and a true reflection of the Szamboti name, his cues are not marked unless requested.  Like his father, Barry is extremely proud that all his cues are made by hand to meet the exact specifications of his customers.

Anyone who has seen or played with a Barry Szamboti cue will agree that it is not only a work of art but of such design precision that affords for ultimate “playability” on the table.  Barry would prefer not to see his cues kept in glass cases for display but to be enjoyed with every hit of the ball.